MTV EMA Website

miércoles, diciembre 12, 2012

It has been already a month since I attented the EMA's in Frankfurt... Time goes really fast. Today I discovered that there is a video of me in the official website of MTV EMA! That's really "wow". I never expected to see me in their official website. I'm really amazed about that.
Well, the video isn't really good... Because of me haha. I didn't know that they would record me. If I knew that, probably I would bring with me more make-up and I would practise more my bad english. It was really weird to act like a "reporter" in english. And plus, I was really tired because I slept just 3 hours, and I also was nervous... Nerves, I hate them. So, if you want to see that video, just click on the picture!!

PD: I hate my talking voice when it's recorded :D