3 years ago... Hamburg

jueves, febrero 28, 2013

3 years since Humanoid City in Hamburg... That was my first international trip COMPLETELY ALONE!!! I was just 16 years old and took a plane to Germany ALONE just to see my favourite band. It was a lil bit crazy, I mean... I was just 16!!! But of course it was a really good experience and I had a very good time there! I also visited their studio next to Hamburg, for which I had to take a train and then a bus, to arrive in the middle of nowhere and again alone... A lil bit scary, but also exciting! I regret nothing. I had there very good time and hope to back to that city soon. It was a big pleasure to enjoy Tokio Hotel's concert in german! Their german songs are more passionate, for my taste.
I really miss Tokio Hotel touring! For me there's nothing better than get lost somewhere, in any city, and then at night enjoy one of their amazing concerts with their amazing songs! CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT TOUR!!!!!