Travel size

martes, marzo 05, 2013

Travelling in low cost (cheap air companies) is cool because it's cheap, but it also sucks because we have to pay some extra money for the baggage. So, what we all use to do, is to bring a little suitcase with us, inside which we try to fit aaaaaall the stuff that we need for the trip. The bad thing is that there are some stupid laws that don't allow us to bring too much liquids. We can bring them just in little bottles of 100ml or less. That's a big problem for me because I'm of those girls who use millions of liquid products. Specially, I was really worried about the hair products... But not anymore! In one drugstore I found some little travel size products of Tresemme! I'm not fan of Tresemme products, but for some couple of days they will be perfect! Now I'm really happy and grateful to this brand! I can't wait to take my plane to Cologne and use this little cute bottles, haha!