viernes, abril 12, 2013

Well, I still haven't explained anything about my travel to Cologne... So here goes a little review! I made this trip as a present for my birthday, so that's why I wanted to go there for the 4th show and not any other! I came there on Thursday and all day stayed in my hotel... There was a little spa so I relaxed there! On Friday, I met some spanish friends and we went to visit the city together! Cologne hasn't too much to visit, but it's a very beautiful city!
On Saturday was "the day". I hadn't tickets for the show so I was reeeally nervous! It was difficult to get them! But finally I could get to the show! Amazing! I enjoyed it a lot! Saw there half of my favourite band, Tom & Bill <3 Also saw there Natalie, Marcus, Ria, her stupid brother (sorry, I don't like him)... And even Andreas! I gave my hand to him saying "Hello" and he was very nice! And he is soooo handsome!! His blue eyes are very beautiful! I fell in love, LOL.
All I can say about this trip is that I was really nervous about the ticket thing... But it was worth it! I enjoyed this trip a lot! I hope that there will be more dates very soon... I really miss Tokio Hotel <3 Specially their concerts!