martes, mayo 14, 2013

Here is the "Part 2" of my pictures in Cologne and a little review!
I arrived there on Friday and spent the day with French, Russian and Belarusian friends! We went to Hard Rock Cafe and then walked around the city which is really beautiful!
Next day was the DSDS Finale show!! I had places in block F but then I could move to the block E which is closer to the jury!! The show was really cool with all the performances, lights and fireworks!! And I'm really happy about that Beatrice won! She was my favourite :-)
The bad thing of the show was that Grundy team blocked aaaaall the blocks, so we couldn't run to get twins autographs!! But well, anyways I enjoyed the show very much. And before the show I could talk a little bit to Marcus so I'm also happy about that. He was very elegant and nice! I gave him a little present to Bill (a CD with a song that I wrote to him :P), I don't know if finally he gave it to him or not... If Bill listened to it or not... But well, my mission was done!
And on next day I took my plane back to Spain. It's sad that the trip was that short, but of course that I enjoyed it a lot! I'm glad that I've seen there Kaulitz twins and met a lot of friends from different countries! Adelya and Elena from Russia; Christina and Kathrin from Belarus; Karin from Estonia; Clarissa, Eryka, Manola and Caterina from Italy, Ioli from Greece and Sofie from Sweden! And specially, I'm very thankful to my french friends Melie, Ines and Romain who offered me to stay in their hotel!! They saved me because I was very poor for this trip. And we had a really good time together in the hotel, even if I don't understand a thing in french xD
I can't wait for more Tokio Hotel trips, but for the moment we just know that the album is coming "SOOOON". The good point of this is that we have enough time to save some money for the tour!!!