Diamonds World Tour

domingo, junio 02, 2013

This 2 days were full of Rihanna! On Friday we went to the airport, to the terminal of private jets... And we discovered that she already was in Barcelona. She arrived here at 4am. So, then we checked the coolest hotels in Barcelona until discover where she was. But unfortunately she stayed in the hotel until the day of the concert. She left the hotel really late so the concert also started late. I didn't have tickets to the concert but of course I found a way to get inside!! The concert was cool, but for my taste a little bit boring. From "We Found Love" the show started to be better and funnier, but still.... I think her performances are too boring, she acts too much like a diva (in a bad way) and in my opinion she has to interact more with the public. But well, this is just my opinion. I think it's not enough to say "Thank You Barcelona" all the time. She also went down to the public and touched their hands. Even signed to some fans! I think it's a good point for her fans but.... The rest of the venue? I like artists that interact with all the venue making people sing all together and that kind of stuff!

PD: She could at least apologise for starting the concert 1.30h late... But no, she is too diva for doing this.Very unprofessional.