Barcelona Fashion Week

lunes, septiembre 23, 2013

One day before going to Riga, started Barcelona Fashion Week. And of course I couldn't update about it because I had no time at all!!
I went with my friends to all the shows of the first day. It was amazing to see that much fashion people all together! Bloggers, celebrities, designers and more. Shows were cool, and in two of them walked the sexiest man alive, Jon Kortajarena. After all the shows we went to another show that is much more exclusive, Desigual. We saw there walking the amazing woman Adriana Lima. In pictures she is beautiful... But in real life she is FLAWLESS!!!! Serioustly, one of the most beautiful women that I've ever seen. Then we went to Desigual aftershow party and yeah... One more memorable night in my life. Good atmosphere, free mojitos, DJ, models, Adriana Lima... Just amazing. Unfortunately I couldn't enjoy all the night because next day I had two flights.
I was invited to more shows but yeah, I already was in Riga. Can't wait for Autumn/Winter edition!!!