miércoles, septiembre 25, 2013

In summer I also went to Estonia. It's near Latvia and the bus ticket costs just 15€!! I went there to 3 cities: Pärnu, Haapsalu and Tallin! Shit, Tallin is just 2 hours away from Finland!! I hope I can visit it in next summer... But yeah, back to Estonia: It's a great country! As most of Nordic countries, it has very beautiful architecture. Colourful houses, castles... Loved it! Specially Tallin! And Haapsalu. It's quite and simple but thanks to the Baltic sea and the castle, Haapsalu looks magic.
A big thanks to my friend Karin who I met before in Frankfurt for MTV EMA and in Köln for DSDS. She adopted me at her home and showed me that 3 beautiful cities!!! And at her home we made a little karaoke party with Tokio Hotel, Justin Bieber and Britney Spears songs hahaha. With junk food of course!!! Lays potatoes, Milka chocolate, cakes and more. I mean, what is a party without junk food??? Yes, one more memorable weekend in my life!! Thanks Karin!