Once you go great, you never go back...

domingo, septiembre 22, 2013

I think some of you already noticed in my twitter that I'm obsessed with this girl. She is really amazing and inspiring! You have to watch her newest video with T.I. because it's really amazing! I love the song, I love the video... Just love everything in that single. Iggy Azalea is a new Queen for me!! I hope that she comes to Spain, or MTV EMA or something... She already was in Barcelona in December, but in that time I didn't know about her. But well, now her career goes better and better day by day, so I hope that she makes a tour or something and comes to Spain!!!
By the way, some Hip Hop artists that already are famous like Wiz Khalifa or Lil Wayne, already toured over Europe but never came to Spain. That's so sad! Spain needs more Hip Hop music!!! But we are really few, the ones that like this style. I hope that someday this changes.