Kids are growing...

sábado, septiembre 28, 2013

Lately everyone is talking about Miley's and Justin's bad behaviour. Well... I don't care about what they are doing with their lives, so let's better talk about music. I have to say that I love this new Bieber's and Miley's songs, but it's still hard to me accept their changes. I remember Bieber was singing "Baby, baby, baby ohhhhh" and now I see him in a new video acting like a nigga and singing about "she says she loves my lollipop, she wants to kiss the top". I mean OMG this words ain't for kids. But yes, I must admit that I like how Justin looks now.
Then there is Miley... I like this #23 song yes, but I CAN'T STAND HER!!!! She is the most unglamorous and vulgar thing that I've ever seen. And the way she tries to rap with "I'm in a club with some shades on"... Just no. Her voice fits better in pop music, hip hop is not for her. And this bad girl look neither fits her. Please bring her to the psychiatrist. But besides HER, I still like the song. I'm obsessed with it. Today I heard it at least 20 times.